19 comments on “Man of Steel is Super, Man!

  1. Kudos, Cupp…great review! You touched on the only “negative” I saw in the film and that was the lengthy fight scenes. Aside from that, I thought the movie was pretty amazing. No doubt, that’s partially because Christopher Nolan had a hand in it (you know I’m a Dark Knight fan!) 🙂

    • Thank you sir! I have no doubt that Nolan had a lot to do with why this movie was so amazing. Zach Synder did an amazing job directing besides the extended fight scenes of course.

  2. I saw very little of the typical Snyder visuals and effects in this, as we’ve seen with things like 300 and Sucker Punch. He was surely reigned in on that a bit. I REALLY appreciated the depth added to the story-line. I cant’ wait for that to be built on in sequel(s). Great review Eric.

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  4. Nicely done. I thought it was a great movie. Being a comic book fan I struggled, as usual, when they change things, such as how Dad Kent dies and the missing curl. I too was heart broken by the action taken in the end that you eluded to as Supes never crossed certain lines.
    I enjoyed it a lot though. Great write up!!!

    • Thank you sir! I watched it for a second time tonight and I am becoming more comfortable with the changes, my fear is what are they going to do with these changes in the next film, that will be the deciding factor.

  5. The “You can save them all” storyline is very clearly an allusion to Christ. I wonder how many people in the audience catch the reference? PS. How can Superman not have a curl on his forehead?

    • Definitely a lot of allusions to Christ. Hopefully all the Christians watching the film caught it. I guess the curl is gone! I didn’t think about that. I don’t think he had one on Smallville though. I liked the sideburns though!

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  8. I really liked the origin story and watching young Clark struggle to fit in. Some of that sort of seemed like a nod to Autism. I did not find much chemistry between Clark and Lois which made her constantly being involved in the action seem strange.
    Where this film lost me was about the time Zod arrived and the film went all 9-11 with way to much punching in my opinion. I did not care that Supes killed Zod but why do it to save four people after he just killed a couple of hundred thousand?

    • I definitely think Clark as a child was a nod to autism. I also thought there were moments of awkwardness between Kal-El and Lois. I think the deference in the death scene was that Kal-El could see those 4 die and could also prevent it, or try to prevent it. The other people that died didn’t do so with Kal-El watching per se.

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