17 comments on “My Movie Pet Peeves

  1. “the chorus of a currently popular Kelly Clarkson song that she wrote about Toyota Camry’s”. Hilarious man, good write-up. And, I still have SOME hair left 🙂

    • My only question is this: why did I put an apostrophe between the Y and the S of “Camrys”? And yes, you have some. Now why don’t you discuss what you put in your text to me about the hair comment? 😉

        • Don’t sweat it Geno. It’s barely noticeable. And with technology today, no one will ever have to find out about it 🙂 But you could be like me … all of my hair, but overweight and out of shape. Lack of hair doesn’t lead to heart disease, so I guess you’re still one up on me lol

  2. omg, soooo agree about #7, it makes no sense! there are so many scenes in Game of Thrones that follow by this as well, lol.

    As for #9, my only argument would be that even as a Christian, I too know a lot of people like Amanda Bynes’ character in Easy A so I have no problem with them getting made fun of. I do think that there aren’t many positive representations of Christians who don’t try to force their beliefs on people, but I guess I understand that from a Hollywood point of view since reasonable people of any shape or size tend to not make the most interesting movie subject matter.

    Great list 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s true. And as I briefly mentioned, I’ve noticed some movies shifting away from that, so if I made this list a year from now it may not have even been an issue. Maybe I just watch too many stupid comedies and my sample size was skewed 🙂 I know some Christians like that as well, but it seems to be much more of a minority than the public may assume. The only groups that get it worse than us are Muslims and Russians, who seem to usually be portrayed as one-dimensional terrorists. But like you said, who wants to watch a movie about people calmly talking through their concerns? lol

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I agree with the leaving the food and drink and then running off – I have often wondered why people can’t at least finish a meal! Sorry – no time in the script. And what about bathroom time? We are trekkies and notice that on the Enterprise there are never any BATHROOMS!

    • LOL wow I never noticed that one! Maybe in the future bathroom breaks are unnecessary. Think of how much time we could save haha! Thanks for the comment and for bringing one more thing to my attention that I can be annoyed at when watching movies 🙂

  4. Wanna see a real Christian movie? Watch “Machine Gun Preacher”! Michael Shannon had a GREAT scene where he truly displays what it’s like to feel lost and confused, and to start turning towards God. It doesn’t feel preachy, corny, or over-the-top; it feels genuine and authentic.

    Another pretty good Christian film is “Unconditional” with Michael Ealy and Lynn Collins.

    • I haven’t seen Unconditional, I’ll have to check that one out. I did see Machine Gun Preacher, though. I loved that it didn’t try to make faith seem easier than it is. Life happens, and sometimes life is hard to swallow. Some of the characters were complex, conflicted, losing their way, finding their way, losing their way again, and so on.

      And Michael Shannon is such a great actor! I loved that scene in the movie. I really loved his character, too … heartbreaking end. I hope we get to see more of him in the future. Thanks for the comment!

      • Oh, you’ll see plenty; he’s playing General Zod in the new Superman. 🙂

        And he just played Richard Klukinski in “The Iceman” which is based off a true story about a hit man. My review is on my blog if you want to check it out.

  5. Love this. I’ve wondered about stuff like this many times. Including the bathroom breaks that were mentioned by Cindy above.

  6. I have an addition: recovery from surgery or broken bones is often unrealistically brief and easy. Clearly these filmmakers have never actually broken any bones, or known anyone who has had major surgery.

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