9 comments on “What Makes a Superhero, Super?

  1. Just to clarify, someone in this real, non-movie, world can have supernatural powers too. Because the One they belong to works through them supernaturally to do Kingdom work! But we are not the superhero, we just reflect the Superhero. Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. OKAY I have a question. What if they say it is a genetic mutation? Is it still a super power? Many times I think it is assumed that the super power is ethereal in some sense, i.e. supernatural without any scientific explanation. But a genetic mutation can be explained, and it isn’t supernatural since it has happened inside of and because of nature … a mistaken nature, actually. What do you think?

    • Yeah, good point. The X-Men are a perfect example of this. I had thought about that so I included “outside the norm” when describing their abilities. Even with the X-Men, their mutation was the exception, not the rule to the population at large. Really if you think about Spider-man and Cap, what they underwent was a mutation as well, just not a natural one.

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  4. iv always went with if they were a hero and they had something that made them super then there a superhero. if they don’t have any special power or such then they were just a hero, I consider batman, ironman greenarrow hawkeye to be heros and people along the lines of superman, green lantern, flash and thor to be superheros

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