8 comments on “Iron Man 3: We Create Our Own Demons

  1. I’d also place this movie after the first one. It was an enjoyable movie, but could have been better. Still had a great time with it though!

  2. Nice review. Iron Man 3 is a great ending to the series and a very entertaining experience. It may not be the most compelling in subject, but it’s already a compelling experience you’ll get for an action blockbuster.

    • It is certainly entertaining! It’s amazing what CGI can do now, particularly with the suits and their intricate detail in this one. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Geno, I still haven’t seen this movie. I was actually fairly disappointed with the second film overall, and so I wasn’t excited for the third. The second one was, I felt, very anticlimactic. And I hate bad Russian accents. They should just hire a Russian if they want a Russian! Although, other than the accent, I really liked Mickey Rourke for the most part. Super creepy guy naturally. Anyway, buy this movie for me. Thanks.

    • Yeah, the general consensus is the second is the worst of the trio. Consider the third one bought… when it’s out to be bought.

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