7 comments on “Why both cars and kitchens make bad hiding places – Jurassic Park 3D

  1. Good review. Loved the comment on ‘control’ and the Chaos Theory, personally. I think a lot of wrong happens in our lives simply because we cling to the illusion of control. Another good movie that makes this point is Instinct (Anthony Hopkins, Cuba Gooding) – a good watch.

  2. Thanks! It wasn’t until watching it this last time that I caught on to the ideas of control and chaos. I’ve never seen Instinct, might have to check it out now. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Thanks! I know what you mean. Every time they showed a computer, I just shook my head. I know my kids(once I have some) will probably think it’s incredibly cheesy. But I will still make them watch it and tell them how awesome it is!

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