4 comments on “Argo: The Best Bad Idea

  1. I think it doesn’t have the value for Oscars, I have friend from Iran and I went Iran one time, my friend and the people of Iran is kind, they like us and I think Argo is a big lie.
    thanks for reading this

    • Thanks for the comment, Sana! The acting was great and the drama was satisfactory. Add in the anti-American political element and its a good candidate for the Oscars.

      I can’t say for sure if the Iranian people as a whole like us. It sure doesn’t seem that way if you watch much news from over there. Remember the events in the movie are from over three decades ago so a lot can change.

      Do you mean you think that the events in this movie didn’t actually happen?

    • I definitely agree, Dan. He does an excellent job of relaying the drama of a moment and giving his audience plenty to think about. Thanks for stopping by!

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