3 comments on “Lawless: 3 Men and a … Moonshine Still

  1. Allow me to clarify: I enjoyed the movie, but it could have been a lot better. It had all of the elements. They sort of wasted some of the acting talent by not going deep enough.

  2. I was sadly disappointed in the film. The storyline is quite thin and a bit too undercooked. It has the benefit of having an entertaining story, which works with the fact its based on a true story. However, the time line is never set up properly, leading to unusual time lapses and an awkward montage. Overall, it is the plot that holds this film back from being anything more than a summer flick.

    • Those are all really good points. It was a fun movie, but empty. I think this is one that is even more disappointing because the potential was so glaringly obvious. Thanks for your comment!

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