2 comments on “New Movie Ticket Prices: What’s the deal?

  1. Perhaps supply and demand? Algorithms that let them know when they can overcharge and when they can superovercharge? I would guess that. Most people go during the evening for social reasons, so they can charge more then. I would agree with Gene, though. The ticket prices I can live with (though it is still annoying) because they are offering a unique service that I can’t offer to myself (as far as going into an establishment to watch a movie on a huge screen with many speakers, and I don’t have to clean the place afterward). It’s the concessions that really irritate me (and they make my wife livid). Because that is a service that I can offer myself for 1/5 of the price. They offer a box of candy and a soda for the same price of a meal elsewhere. Yes, a full meal of real food. This is why we take our own food. Maybe it’s breaking the rules, but my Christian conscience is clean on this one.

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