One comment on “Derek’s Top Ten Favorite Movies

  1. Honorable Mention (because some of these go back and forth):
    The Godfather (part 1)
    True Grit (newest version)
    The Big Sleep
    Shadow of the Vampire (interesting look at early film making!)
    Punch Drunk Love
    The Ninth Gate
    The Dark Knight
    Frankenstein (original with Boris Karloff)
    I would probably need to post a totally different list of favorite comedies, but it would include several Will Ferrel movies, Dumb & Dumber, and the Three Amigos!
    This is really hard. I really like Lord of the Rings, too. And some of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I even liked the first National Treasure. And Da Vinci Code. But I stand by my top ten. I need to go now because I’ll keep thinking of movies to add. Like Blade Runner. Flags of Our Fathers was really good, too. Seriously, I need to go.

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