4 comments on “Apocalypse Now: The Horror! The Horror!

  1. Good points, the story is based on Heart of Darkness but Coppola got inspired by T.S.Eliot, he went the Eliot way. Made a labyrinth of symbols, twisted double or triple meanings…The boat (Erebus) crew can symbolize 3 types of souls (plato), chief – charon the ferryman, The tiger and Roach – thats a tricky one, etc etc. If you notice the movie is missing a title, the word Apocalypse would be violence, chaos and “the end” … in ancient greek also means “to reveal the truth” – about the vacuum of the soul, the hollow man. Alas, masterpierce.

    • Thanks for the comment! In my preparation for the review I was reading about a lot of that, and was pretty familiar with it before the review as well. With our focus on the blog I wasn’t able to bring out much of that stuff at all, so thank you for posting on it!

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